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About Us

Welcome to the caring, cordial, compassionate community of Shahid Matangini Hazra Govt. General Degree College for Women, Nimtouri. The college named after the great female septuagenarian martyr Matangini Hazra was established by the Government of West Bengal in 2015. It becomes a happy abode for learning various disciplines like Arts and Science. It aims at imbibing a unique blending of traditional values and modern outlook in keeping with the patriotic spirit of joint Midnapore. The fiery spirit, the unifying leadership of the martyr Matangini Hazra in keeping with the national patriotic legends like late Satish Chandra Samanta, Ajoy Kumar Mukherjee, Sushil Kumar Dhara keeps the teachers and students ever-energetic, enthusiastic and dedicated to the nation. Lapped in the superb convenient location of Nimtouri where the bus routes of Digha-Kolkata, Haldia -Mecheda, Tamluk- Srirampur meet, the college invites the students to explore and expand its world most profitably. As the procedure of admission is based strictly on merit, the college can boast of the success of her girls in different fields. It maintains a sound teacher-student ratio which culminates in a close personal bonding between them. Though the college is in its budding state it cherishes so many dreams irrespective of the challenges. Most of the students admitted in the college are from financially backward and first generation learners’ families. But the team spirit of college tries to motivate the students emotionally, and intellectually to enlighten them and expand their horizons of curiosity in different subjects of Humanities and Science. The college counsels the students to overcome all the hurdles of life and to keep on going until the goal is reached. It teaches them to go on fighting against all odds and emerge triumphant. The college aims at empowering female students in the truest sense of the term by giving up all negative attitudes to life most boldly and confidently. It provides a scope for all round development and enlightenment through intellectual, physical, and mental awareness.